Northeastern University’s tradition of engagement with the world has created a distinctive approach to education and research. The University is grounded in the power of integrating study and professional experience to provide our students, faculty and partners with countless opportunities to put ideas in action. Our educational model has always connected people, places, programs and partners in a unique ad powerful network to create the knowledge needed to meet global and societal needs.

Today, our unique network brings Northeastern to more than 3000 employers in over 150 countries and every continent through educational, experiential, and research partnerships. Our network extends to a worldwide alumni community of 207,000-plus professionals and engaged University citizens. The university has 22 alumni chapters in the United States, eight international alumni chapters, and a system of international delegates connecting alumni and students in more than 80 countries around the world. And, our network of campuses and programs in Boston, Charlotte and Seattle were created through this model of leadership in building education and research partnerships with businesses and communities around the world.

Northeastern University’s Global Network

Our network continues to evolve and expand to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing economic landscape. The Northeastern University Global Network integrates programs, partners and new approaches to create a new platform for education innovation.

The Global Network is comprised of:

Industry-Aligned Degree Programs Grounded in Experiential Learning, which offer the adult professional the conveniences of an education tailored for today’s workforce: flexibility, choices in delivery and locations and programs aligned with emerging and innovative fields. Working with learning experts and industry partners, Northeastern is the first university to create an online education model that is driven by cognitive science, informed by employers, and powered by experiential learning.

Learn more about our extensive library of professional master’s programs here.

Specialized undergraduate programs, such as Bachelor’s completion and global study programs are also offered through the Northeastern University Global Network. The Global Network does not offer programs for first-time, full–time traditional freshman.

Graduate Campuses in Charlotte and Seattle, which extend the power of our Boston location, seek to move higher education beyond a model that has changed little in centuries. These modern campuses offer select graduate degrees and research partnerships closely aligned with the workforce and development needs of regional economies, as well as the global economy.

Global Partnerships are the backbone NU Global, which offers innovative pathway and language programs combined with world-class resources, a collaborative learning environment and outstanding faculty. A century of leadership in building education and research partnerships with businesses and communities around the world has led to the development of exciting partnerships in more than 150 countries.