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Northeastern University

Northeastern Global Gateway - photo of Northeasatern University campus

Experiential Learning

For 100 years, Northeastern education has focused on what we call “experiential learning,” in which students apply the lessons of the classroom in the workplace, in research settings, and through community service. The major element of experiential learning is our “co-op” program, in which students alternate semesters of coursework with up to three 6-month periods of professional experience in workplace settings around the globe. Other experiential opportunities include collaborating with researchers in their fields and engaging in community service projects (which we call Service Learning). Students may choose placements around the globe in all categories of experiential learning. We believe that experience integrated with study better prepares students for success in their careers and lives. That is why, unique among colleges and universities, Northeastern requires all undergraduates to pursue at least one such experiential learning opportunity as part of our curriculum.