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Northeastern University

Northeastern Global Gateway - photo of Northeasatern University campus


Northeastern is a leader in global engagement, learning, and experience.

Each year, more than 3,600 international students and visiting scholars, representing more than 125 countries, choose to study at Northeastern. We recognize the immense value this adds to our community — from perspectives in the classroom on politics, the arts, and business to thoughts on health care and other social issues, to the diverse celebration of culture that our international population brings to campus life.

Northeastern’s experiential model offers students a worldwide network of learning partners in 65 countries and 137 cities: corporations, NGOs, governmental agencies, and universities. Our students don’t just see the world; they shape it through unmatched opportunities for professional experience, research, and community service, as well as academic study.

International Admissions Requirements
To apply directly to Northeastern University, international students must pass TOEFL with a minimum score of 79IBT or IELTS with a 6.5 score.

Full-Time Bachelor’s Degree Programs
Admissions application deadlines for international students to the full-time bachelor’s degree programs are available on the Admissions web site.

Master’s and Doctoral Programs
Admissions application deadlines to master’s and doctoral programs vary by academic program.

College of Professional Studies
Students are admitted to the College of Professional Studies four times per year in January, March, May, and September. The application deadline for international students is two months prior to enrollment in classes.

For students who are not proficient in English, there are several ways to gain admission to Northeastern:

American Classroom Program
The American Classroom Program offers advanced English language students the unique opportunity to put their language skills to work in Northeastern University academic classes. Students have the opportunity to build English and academic skills in a supportive environment and study academic disciplines in real American classrooms. Students may join the program for one, two, or three semesters and participate in up to three Northeastern undergraduate or graduate courses.

Global Pathways
The Global Pathways Program is for academically strong international students who wish to study at Northeastern, but are unable to satisfy some of the University’s entrance requirements without first completing additional studies. Students are conditionally admitted at the undergraduate and graduate levels and stay in the program for up to three semesters. The Global Pathways Program offers specialized areas of academic study along with intensive English language training and university study skills preparation.

U.S.-Sino Pathway Program
The U.S.-Sino Pathway Program offers talented Chinese students an opportunity to pursue their undergraduate studies in the United States. Available in eight cities in China, the U.S.-Sino Pathway Program offers all the advantages of a foundation program. Students receive guaranteed admission to a top U.S. college, a year of course credits towards a bachelor's degree, comprehensive English preparation, and a supportive learning environment upon successful completion of this program. Students are prepared for the social and cultural challenges of U.S. college life through a Summer Bridge experience. This program is a collaboration of several leading U.S. universities including Northeastern, Baylor University, University of Vermont, and University of Utah.

Pre-MBA Program
Offered in collaboration with the College of Business Administration, the Pre-MBA Program is available in six- and nine-month formats. It is designed for students who want to raise test scores and review business fundamentals to gain admission to MBA programs. It offers coordinated language and business classes for international students and professionals. It has been successful in helping students gain admission to MBA programs in Boston, in the United States, and in the United Kingdom.

Boston Career Connections
This four-week summer program takes advantage of Boston’s position as the home for numerous 21st century industries. It prepares students for the future by giving them both the knowledge and the experience necessary to make better decisions about their careers. They will gain real-world exposure to careers through a combination of visits to local businesses and meetings with professionals working in the field. At the same time, classes will help students improve their English, while helping them learn more about America.

Global Leadership in Boston
Global Leadership in Boston is designed especially for graduate-level students interested in building leadership skills while earning course credit. Students earn eight quarter-hour graduate credits over the course of this four-week program, while engaging with local students and visiting Boston businesses, in classes offered on the Boston campus. Students can apply these credits to a master’s degree at the College of Professional Studies or transfer to other universities.