Lab PhotoMy research interests are primarily focused on the following:

1) the effects of human development on estuarine habitats and supported ecosystem services;

2) the relative importance of top-down and bottom-up factors in regulating community structure and function;

3) how landscape context and habitat characteristics affect habitat use and value; and

4) principles and best practices for restoring and conserving coastal habitats.

My collaborators and I have taken an interdisciplinary approach to answering hypothesis-driven questions in these research areas by using a combination of manipulative field experiments, acoustic-tracking techniques, GIS and statistical analyses, policy analysis, socio-economic surveys, and large-scale observational field studies.

I will be joining the faculty in the Department of Biology and the Institute for Coastal Science and Policy at East Carolina University in January 2018. If you are interested in joining my lab in the fall of 2018, please contact me at