When you decide to enroll in a study abroad program, you commit yourself not only to the thorough preparation necessary for you to experience the program’s full benefits, but also to a significant investment of money.

Before applying to any program, you are urged to plan carefully and be completely familiar with the withdrawal policies and charges, which supersede Northeastern University’s policies for withdrawal from on-campus courses. If you decide to withdraw from either a traditional or customized summer or semester study abroad program, you may incur significant fees for your withdrawal after your acceptance into the program.

Withdrawal fees are charged for study abroad programs because these types of programs require a significant amount of advanced planning and expense on the part of the University and/or host institution. For example, well before a program’s start date, the University and/or host institution must commit substantial sums of money to pay for the instruction, housing, board, excursions, and other costs of all its accepted students.

If a student accepted to any study abroad program for any reason is unable to participate in the program, a significant portion of the program expenses, depending on the date, are non-recoverable by the University and/or the host institution.

Therefore, for traditional and customized study abroad programs, students are responsible for all non-recoverable costs if they withdraw at any time prior to or after the official start date of their program.

Students withdrawing from a Traditional Summer or Semester Study Abroad program must submit a Withdrawal Request Form to GEO in 403 Richards Hall. To fill out this form electronically, please download to your desktop, complete information, and print. Please note that your withdrawal takes effect on the first business day after GEO receives your signed withdrawal form.

If the U.S. State Department issues a Travel Warning, or if the CDC issues a Travel Health Warning in a country in which NU offers a program, NU may suspend or cancel the program in that country at the recommendation of the International Safety and Security Advisory Committee (ISSAC) and by order of the Provost.

If a Travel Warning, including a Travel Health Warning, is issued prior to the start of the program, students who do not participate in a substitute program will be entitled to a full refund of any amounts paid to the University by the student for such program. In the event such a warning is issued:

  • You are required to return immediately to the U.S.
  • You will be evacuated by the organization contracted by NU for 24/7 emergency assistance.
  • All transportation and housing costs not covered by the emergency assistance organization will be covered by GEO.
  • GEO will make every effort to assist you in finding an alternative program for the semester. (If it is not possible to find an alternative program, you are entitled to a refund or credit on a pro-rata basis.)

Due to the non-recoverable costs associated with studying abroad, the University’s medical and non-medical leaves of absence policies do not apply to students participating in GEO. In addition, you must complete a successful term at NU following your leave in order to be eligible to study abroad.