Students must complete the following steps in order to transfer study abroad credits back to Northeastern University.  All students must meet with their academic advisor to ensure that the courses they plan to take abroad will correctly fulfill their degree requirements.  Please note that different majors have different policies regarding which courses can and cannot be taken abroad.

For a detailed walkthrough of how to complete GEO’s course evaluation process please see the following information.

Step 1

Confirm that the courses you are enrolling in abroad have been evaluated by NU. To do this, select your host institution or provider from Courses by Program then see if your course has been evaluated.  You can also search by NU Course.

Note: courses listed on the drop down are not guaranteed to be offered during your desired term abroad. You must view the appropriate course catalogue from your host institution to see which courses are being offered during a specific semester.

Step 2

If any of the courses you intend to take abroad are not in the database, the course must be submitted to GEO for evaluation.

Step 3

Students please note, when submitting courses for evaluation the following detailed information is required:

  • A complete syllabus
  • Prerequisites for the course
  • A complete reading list
  • The department the course is taught in

**Please contact the host institution for this information if it is not available online**


Input host university's course material here.

  • You will be asked to login, please use your NEU credentials.
  • Students will be alerted by email once the courses have been evaluated or needs further information.  Please make sure to monitor your email.
  • If you have any questions, please email

* You do not need to send your desired NU equivalent for each course.  Faculty members will evaluate the courses based on the content of the course and make the appropriate evaluations.