Partnerships with both academic institutions and employers are vital to maintaining Northeastern’s uniquely innovative goal of creating globally aware and experienced leaders. In a rapidly changing world - where experience living and working in other cultures gives students an advantage - Northeastern’s reputation as an academic pioneer in experiential education makes it an attractive partner for both student exchange and co-op opportunities.

Partnering with Academic Institutions

GEO collaborates with international partner institutions primarily on joint student mobility  for both academic and experiential learning opportunities. We welcome mutually beneficial approaches to developing study abroad and co-op opportunities for our students and those of partner institutions.

Partnering with Employers

Northeastern’s model of education provides a more successful way for employers to identify and engage with skilled talent. Our co-op program enables students to gain up to 18 months of career-related work experience in a myriad of professions. Our various recruitment options provide employers with a cost-effective approach to hiring, training, evaluating, and on-boarding talent. And our rigorous academic programs ensure that our students are prepared to enter the workforce with the critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary to meet the demands of employers across industries.

Benefits of GEO’s Global Co-op program:

  • Access to motivated and ambitious undergraduate level co-op students, willing and able to travel internationally and explore careers outside the U.S.
  • A great way to manage economic uncertainty while maintaining a recruiting pipeline.
  • A streamlined process for interviewing and hiring (via phone, Skype, on-campus).
  • A Global Co-op faculty consultant who is focused on your hiring needs.

If your institution is interested in proposing an exchange, study abroad or other international partnership, please contact

Existing Academic Exchange Partnerships

Northeastern’s many academic exchange partnerships in 18 countries around the world are tribute to its commitment to extend learning beyond the boundaries of campus and culture. The University hosts around 80 international exchange students each year, and that number continues to grow as we make more connections with academic institutions globally.

Existing Employer Partnerships

Northeastern University has formed loyal partnerships with employers in all different industries, in more than 70 countries worldwide. These partnerships have been a defining characteristic of the Northeastern experience. Since the founding of our flagship cooperative education program, our co-op employer-partners have helped Northeastern grow and flourish internationally and have served the local community as well as succeed as a renowned research university.