Are you a student who plans to complete part of your education studying or doing a co-op abroad, in another culture? If so, consider GEO’s innovative Experiential Year Abroad (EYA) program. EYA offers students the chance to integrate the best of Northeastern’s core learning experiences—classroom, discussion-based and real world, work-based—abroad to prepare them to navigate and lead in an increasingly global society.


How does EYA reflect the core values of Northeastern’s educational experience?

  • EYA is at the pinnacle of Northeastern University students’ global learning experiences in that it combines classroom and real world work experience within a foreign cultural setting for a considerable length of time. This immersion sets our students up for later success in work and life as citizens and leaders in a more culturally interconnected world.
  • EYA effectively leverages the transformative, practical experience of the Global Co-op with the intellectual, theoretical rigor of the Dialogues and Study Abroad programs.

Where Can I Go?

In addition to Dialogue programs in the countries below, the following is a sample list of possible Study Abroad/Global Co-op opportunities:*

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Students study at Queen’s University. Subsequent Global Co-op opportunities may include:

  • Co-op Intern at Intercomm
  • Personal Assistant to the Director at 174 Trust
  • Assistant Program Director at Council for Integrated Education
  • Student Administrator at Council for Ethnic Minorities
  • Boston Intern Volunteer Assistant at The Corrymeela Community

Istanbul, Turkey

Students study at either Koç University or CAPA, Turkey. Subsequent Global Co-op may include:

  • Architect at Bahcesehir Construction Company
  • Office Assistant and English Teacher at Bahcesehir University
  • Technical Consultant at Kora Internet Technologies and Database Solutions
  • Assistant at Bahcesehir University Technology Development Center (BUTECH)
  • English Teacher at TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Perugia, Italy

Students study at the Umbra Institute. Subsequent Global Co-op opportunities may include:

  • Co-op student at Biblioteca Augusta
  • Co-op student at Caffe di Perugia
  • Co-op student at the city of Perugia Tourism Office
  • Co-op student at Hotel Gio
  • Co-op student at SynEgo and Tuttoggi
  • Co-op student at the Umbra Institute’s study abroad program
  • Co-op student at Umbria Cuscinetti, Aerospace Industry Parts Manufacturer