Volunteer/Intern Toolkit

Volunteers and interns can be welcome additions to the University community, but the use of volunteers and interns must comply with applicable laws and University policies. The Office of the General Counsel has developed the following resources to assist University departments who are interested in engaging individuals as volunteers or interns. Currently enrolled Northeastern students who are interested in volunteering as part of their educational opportunities do not need to complete this form; however, Northeastern students engaging in internships relating to their education should still complete the appropriate form.

Please refer to the FAQ below for assistance in determining whether the individual you are engaging should be classified as a volunteer or an intern. Once you have determined the appropriate designation, select and complete the corresponding template.  A copy of the signed agreement should be kept by the engaging department/unit in accordance with the Policy on Retention and Disposition of University Records. Please note that there is a template specifically for individuals with Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training status.

All of the templates provided as part of this toolkit include confidentiality and ownership provisions that afford protections for you and the University. These documents also provide clarity for both parties on the goals, intent and details of the role.  For questions about the documents included here or engaging volunteers or interns generally, we encourage you to contact the Office of the General Counsel (OGC) at (617) 373-2157. Additionally, please inform the OGC if you are interested in engaging a volunteer or intern who is under the age of 18. Our office will assist in making sure any additional obligations with regards to minors are addressed.