Intellectual Property



Copyright questions can arise in a variety of contexts.  Your department may be developing student or faculty projects, where ownership and rights issues could be present.  Your department may retain vendors to prepare creative content for the University.  The ability to use technology and create multimedia works also implicates copyright issues.  Please contact our Office as you begin planning these projects.

"Fair Use" is an exception to copyright law which may apply in certain situations.


University's name and/or logo usage for projects, ventures, and websites
Members of the University community must seek permission from the University's Marketing and Communications Department to use the University's name or logo.  If permission is granted, use of the name or logo must be done in a legal way.  You will need to coordinate terms of use with Marketing and Communications and our Office.  Third parties generally are not allowed to use the University's name or logos. Please contact Vanessa Salas in Marketing and Communications for more information. For information about use of Northeastern’s name and logo, visit the Marketing and Communications website


Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)
You may be presented with or want to enter into a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement for a variety of reasons and situations.  As a general rule, if you are acting in your capacity as a Northeastern employee, you should not sign such an agreement without first consulting the Office of the General Counsel.  An NDA is a contract, and therefore it must be reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel and signed by an authorized University signatory. If the non-disclosure agreement involves research or potential cooperation with any party in the field of research, the Office of the General Counsel will consult with the Office of Research Administration and Finance.

Process for documenting your invention

Fill out an invention disclosure form at least two weeks before your publication date. If you have any questions regarding this form, please us.

Intellectual Property Resources

Library Copyright Resources

The University's Copyright Officer is Hillary Corbett.  Hillary is the University's Scholarly Communication Librarian, and works at Snell Library.  Hillary addresses copyright questions regarding the Library, academic resources and academic theses, and other projects.  Hillary also works collaboratively with our Office on copyright questions and presentations.  You may contact Hillary at (617) 373-2352 or email her at

Online Guides 

Assistance with Course Reserves

Assistance with Media Creation

Marketing and Communications Resources

Contact Information

Faculty and staff with questions about intellectual property issues can contact Andy Curtin, Director of Intellectual Property, or call the Office of the General Counsel, (617) 373-2157.


For assistance with issues related to photo, video, or other creative or multimedia projects, please consult the Photo/Video toolkit.