Areas of Practice

As the practice of higher education law continues to evolve and become more complex, the Office of the General Counsel has recognized that its attorneys specialize in certain legal subject matters. The following legal subject areas are not intended to be inclusive of all legal issues that may arise, but are intended to be a guide to our attorney resources for certain specialty areas. The list of areas of specialty may change and develop over time, as may the attorneys assigned to practice in the various areas highlighted.

By virtue of the size and the sophistication of the University's activities, many of our attorneys provide advice on a variety of legal issues. In certain instances, we seek additional advice and representation from outside firms. Please visit Contact Us to get in touch with our attorneys.

Academic Affairs/Faculty Matters Lisa Sinclair, Lorna Hebert, Jamie Weiler, Kelsey Montgomery, Jennifer Kirby
Academic Licensing Kaelan Kennedy
Athletics Lisa Sinclair, Jamie Weiler, Ellen Rubin
Affirmative Action/Diversity Initiatives Lorna Hebert, Scott Merrill, Kelsey Montgomery, Lisa Sinclair
Business Affairs Ellen Rubin, Mikchael glover, Ana Alvarado, Lisa Sinclair
Computer/Internet Law /Social Media Barbara Healy Smith, Andrew Curtin
Contracts/Transactions Michael Glover, Ellen Rubin, Andrew Curtin, Rob Leahy,  Ana Alvarado
Employment Matters Lorna Hebert, Lisa Sinclair, Jamie Weiler, Jennifer Kirby, Kelsey Montgomery
Employee and Labor Engagement Scott Merrill, Kelsey Montgomery
Enrollment Management/Student Affairs Jamie Weiler, Jennifer Kirby, Lisa Sinclair, Ana Alvarado
Environmental Compliance Barbara Healy Smith, Lisa Sinclair
Export Control Barbara Healy Smith, Rob Leahy
FERPA, Privacy and Confidentiality Barbara Healy Smith, Jennifer Kirby, Jamie Weiler, Lisa Sinclair, Larissa Drayer
General Higher Education Law Lisa Sinclair, Jennifer Kirby, Jamie Weiler
Governance/Board Matters Patricia Hurley, Barbara Healy Smith, Lisa Sinclair
Health Care/HIPAA Barbara Healy Smith
Human Subjects Research Rob Leahy, Barbara Healy Smith, Lisa Sinclair
Immigration Jigisha Patel, Larissa Drayer
Information Security Barbara Healy Smith, Lisa Sinclair
Intellectual Property Andy Curtin, Paige Clapp, Rob Leahy
International Relationships Jigisha Patel, Ellen Rubin, Larissa Drayer, Lisa Sinclair, Barbara Healy Smith
Litigation and Dispute Management Lisa Sinclair, Lorna Hebert, Barbara Healy Smith, Jamie Weiler, Scott Merrill, Jennifer Kirby, Kelsey Montgomery
Protection of University Name/Assets Andy Curtin, Paige Clapp
Real Estate/Construction Michael Glover
Regulatory Matters Barbara Healy Smith, Lisa Sinclair
Research Issues Rob Leahy, Andy Curtin, Barbara Healy Smith, Ellen Rubin
Risk Management Lisa Sinclair, Lorna Hebert, Barbara Healy Smith
Student Conduct Jamie Weiler, Jennifer Kirby, Lisa Sinclair
Trusts and Estates/Charitable Giving Patricia Hurley
Title IX Jamie Weiler, Jennifer Kirby, Lisa Sinclair
University Policy Review/Development Lisa Sinclair, Barbara Healy Smith, Megan Harwood, Audrey Evans, Jennifer Kirby

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