5/29/2014      Congratulations to the following Jones Lab members on their upcoming Fall Co-ops!

Allison Murzda: Cubist Pharmaceuticals

Megan Sheehan: Moderna Therapeutics

David Bell: 480 Biomedical

Benjamin Tanenbaum: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Juan Grateron: Sanofi Aventis

5/18/2014      Congratulations to Chloe Laverack and the rest of the Northeastern rowing team on their 2014 CAA rowing title.  Chloe was also named to first team All-CAA honors!  Read more details here.

4/11/2014      Congratulations to Dr. Sara Sadler on successfully defending her dissertation.  She has accepted a postdoctoral scholar position at Empiriko, a start-up company in Boston. Her research will focus on furthering their Biomimikstechnology with close collaboration with Harvard University.


3/27/2014      Chiara presented her research in collaboration with Empiriko at the RESI (Redefinining Early Stage Investments) Innovation Challenge.  Their poster was awarded first place for receiving the most “RESI cash” funding at the conference.  Read more details here.


3/20/2014      Chiara, Katie, Meaghan, and Nick all presented posters at the 247th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Dallas.  Below is a picture of the students with Mukund Chorghade, collaborator and founder of Empiriko.

3/18/2014      An exciting article was featured in Newsweek about our current research with Empiriko.  Read the full story here.

(12/9/13) Congratulations to the following Jones Lab members on their upcoming Spring Co-ops!

Jeremy Armand: 480 Biomedical
Alyssa Calder: Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School
Robert Colon: Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Ian Doxsee: Novartis
Jennifer Li: Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Zachary Minden: Cubist Pharmaceuticals
Ben Nicolaysen: Cubist Pharmaceuticals
John Pruneau: GlaxoSmithKline
Devan Wilkins: Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW, Australia

(9/10/13) Nadeesha attended the 246th American Chemical Society National Meeting in Indianapolis. She gave an oral presentation at the conference.

(9/5/13) Mike, Jess, Connor, and Alyssa’s recent flow work was highlighted by Chemtrix in their monthly newsletter.  You can download the whitepaper here.


(7/26/13) Congratulation to Dr. Michael S. Placzek on successfully defending his dissertation.  He has accepted a fellowship at Harvard Medical School studying under Scott Lukas and Jacob Hooker. His research will focus on drug abuse and neuroimaging using PET/MR.

Mike Defense

(5/6/13) Congratulations to Chiara Chapman for winning a poster award sponsored by ACS Chem. Med. Lett. at the ACS Meeting in New Orleans!

(4/7/13) The Jones Lab attended the 245th American Chemical Society National Meeting in New Orleans. Christine Dunne, Alex Moeller, Alyssa Calder, and Chiara Chapman presented their research in various poster sessions and Sci-Mix.

(04/03/13) 2013 Jones Group photo.

(12/1/12) Congratulations to Ian, Jennifer, Jon, Marissa, Connor, Alyssa, and Alex Moeller for their spring co-ops! Ian, Marissa, and Alex will be working at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Jon at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Jennifer with a joint project at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Connor will be working at the International School of Bremen in Germany, and Alyssa at Genzyme.

(12/8/12) The Jones lab held their annual holiday party at Paige’s apartment. The evening was filled with food, games, and a ton of holiday spirit.

(07/02/12) Congratulations to Nick, Christine, Suzanne, Paige, Allison, and Megan for their fall co-ops! Nick and Christine will be working at Novartis, Suzanne and Allison at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Paige at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, and Megan at Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

(4/19/12) Rieon Ranmira Silva was born on April 6th, 2012.  We are very excited for Nadeesha, family, and for their new healthy baby boy!

(4/10/19) We enjoyed a great conference at the ACS 243rd National Meeting in San Diego.  Mike, Sara, Danny, Vinny, Krista, Elise, and Suzi all presented either talks or posters.  When the conference was over, we headed out to La Jolla for a sea kayaking trip.

(3/21/12)  The group had a baby shower for Nadeesha.  We enjoyed food, socializing, and even a onesie decorating contest.  Alex and Marissa won with their two designs, a tuxedo-look and chemistry joke, but the fan favorites went to Danny and Vinny with a lab coat and six-pack abs onesie, respectively.  The lab and especially Nadeesha are looking forward to Baby R’s arrival. He has already been deemed “lab baby”, the Jones Lab’s new mascot!

(12/3/11) The Jones Lab enjoyed their annual holiday party.  The night was filled with lots of food and fun.

(11/17/11) Congratulations to Alex and Elise for their spring co-ops! Alex is headed to E-Ink and Elise will be working at Millennium Pharmaceuticals.

Mike, Nadeesha, Sara, Chiara, and Rhiannon 

(6/11/11) The Jones Group graduate students enjoyed the annual department harbor cruise aboard the Odyssey. The weather was perfect to enjoy the trip from downtown to Charlestown to the harbor islands.

(5/6/11) Congratulations to Rhiannon Thomas for graduating with her BS/MS today.  She is off to Stanford University with a NSF Graduate Fellowship.  We will miss you, Rhiannon!


4th row: Danny, Nadeesha, Victoria, Sara; 5th row: Mike, Rhiannon, Krista, Chiara, Graham

(3/31/11)  Danny, Krista, Rhiannon, and Sara all presented at the ACS 241st National Meeting in Anaheim, CA.  Once the conference was over, we made our way to Hollywood to enjoy one of Graham’s favorite rides at Universal Studios.

(9/22/10) Mike, Rhiannon, and Sara all presented at the 140th ACS National Meeting in Boston, MA.

Front Row: Sara and Nadeesha; Back Row: Krista, Graham, Mike, and Chiara

(12/10/10) The Jones Group enjoyed our annual Christmas party.  We attended the department Christmas poster session, and then went off to Cactus Club for dinner and Lir for dancing! A fun time was had by all!!


(9/17/10)  The group went to a Red Sox game today to show Katharina something very American.  It was a great night to watch the Sox at the historic Fenway Park.








Sara and Mike                         Colleen, Sabrina, Phil, and Krista

(3/20/09) Andrea, Colleen, Krista, Phil, and Sabrina all presented at the 239th ACS National Meeting in San Francisco, CA.  When we were not attending the meeting, the group adventured around San Francisco and even went to Napa and the Redwoods!