Spy Game: Yellow Cones of Discovery

Spy Game is a fun 2-D Guards vs Spies type game that looks great for a prototype!  To be as helpful as I can to the developers, I’m going to break down my likes of and potential improvements for the game:



1. The game is very accessible to anyone because the controls are self-explanatory; there are only movement controls currently, which I like.

2. The interface is helpful.  The player you have control of has the blue circle around them, which is helpful.  Maybe forcing the player to hit the spacebar to end a guard’s turn might prevent people from accidentally moving the next guard (which happened to me a couple times).  It also doesn’t get in the way, which is very nice.

3. Interesting level design.  I like the layout, which forces the player to be tactical with their guards in order to cover the most ground.

4. Art design.  The simple display adds to this game’s simplistic, arcadey feel.  It reminds me of many flash games I used to play, which seems to be the intended direction.


Areas of Improvement:

1.The number of moves they have in the upper right corner is nice, although I would prefer if it said “Guard 1’s Moves Remaining: 3″ and have that number go down as you move (or something like that).  I think it would also be helpful if the counter was located in the same corner that the guards start in, forcing the player to see it and understand what it is.

2. When the spies are moving, it’s confusing what is going on.  Are we seeing only a few of the spies moving?  Why are there long lengths of time when we don’t see anything?

3. It’s not clear what the goal is.  At least somewhere it should say that the goal is to intercept 10 spies.

4. Is there a fail state?  Can the spies win?

5. Some music would be a nice addition.  Just something to increase the intensity of the situation.

6. More levels!  Bigger levels!

7. I think you could add to the challenge by making the spies move around more.  You could also make the flashlight not turn on until the player decides to use it, and they can only use the flashlight twice per turn.

8.Special levels with conditions.  One level could have two guards who can go around and discover (make visible) the spies, and the main guard has to put them in handcuffs.


  1. Tianlin Chen

    I agree that there should be an animation or delay so that a guard wouldn’t be accidentally moved. If a space bar helps switch between guards, I think there also needs a text come out that tell players to do so, as the indication of an interface. I like the arcade feeling too and miss the arcade games I used to play.. I think a remaining move indication will be helpful as you said. A line or animation should be applied to the spies’ moves so that players have real-time feeling.

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