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UPCOMING EVENTS  | The Future of Eating with Mario Batali, Nov. 18, 2016


The Future of Transportation

A conversation with Chris Lambert, Chief Technology Officer of Lyft

Sept. 20, 2016 Self-driving cars are on the way, and they’re the future of Lyft, according to the company’s chief technology officer and Northeastern alumnus Chris Lambert. Within five years, Lambert said, a fully autonomous fleet of cars will provide the majority of Lyft rides across the country, while car ownership in major U.S. cities will be largely a thing of the past by 2025.

‘Driving, autonomously, into the future’ news@Northeastern 09.21.2016

The Future of Media

A conversation with Marty Baron, Pulitzer Prize-winning editor and digital media innovator

March 31, 2016 In an address on the future of media, in a time of endless change, Marty Baron, a respected jour­nalist and Pulitzer Prize-​​winning editor, chose to begin his talk with some­thing he says must remain constant. A mission of truth telling.

‘The future of media is changing—and changing fast’ news@Northeastern 04.01.2016

The Future of Food

A conversation with Chris Kimball, bow-tied chef, foodie media mogul, and creator and host of America’s Test Kitchen

February 25, 2016 “My job is to figure out what you are going to do with a recipe that we create in the kitchen,” Kim­ball said. “My job is to make you not fear failure. Because if I can do it, you can do it. I stand there for 25 sea­sons of our show and I rep­re­sent that audience.”

‘My job is to make you not fear failure’ news@Northeastern 02.26.2016

The Future of Dating

A conversation with Christian Rudder, co-founder of OkCupid

February 11, 2016 It was Thursday afternoon just three days before Valentine’s Day, and OkCupid co-​​founder Chris­tian Rudder was speaking at North­eastern University. His talk—which included a brief overview of the irrev­erent dating site as well as a lengthy Q&A with Pres­i­dent Joseph E. Aoun and mem­bers of the uni­ver­sity community—marked the first install­ment of “The Future of…,” a new pres­i­den­tial speaker series.

‘Explore what can big data teach us about dating’ news@Northeastern 02.12.2016