Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about First Pages.

Do I have to read the book before I arrive?
Yes. All new students are required to read the First Pages book prior to arrival on campus.

Where can I get the book?
The University Bookstore sells the book. It will be available at a 20% discount beginning June 17, 2013. Most major retailers also carry the book.

Why is the book required?
First Pages was established to develop a sense of common knowledge and purpose as students move into their first year at Northeastern University. Started in 2006, the goals of the project are to present a challenging and engaging text which will provide insight into an important issue and bring faculty, administrators, staff, upper-class students and new students together outside of a traditional classroom setting.

What events are held around the book/author?
The main event is the Author's Presentation during Welcome Week. This year, Katherine Boo will be visiting Northeastern University on Tuesday September 3, 2013 to address first year students and the larger University community.