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To watch in 2014: Ag-Gag bills pose problems for the public’s right to know

Last month, NEFAC joined with National Freedom of Information Coalition and 44 other organizations to raise the alarm against certain proposed provisions which would exempt from disclosure basic information about agricultural and livestock operations, including information that individuals living or sharing a waterway with “concentrated animal feeding operations” (or CAFOs) urgently need to protect and advocate for their environment and the health of members of their communities.

Vt. Supreme Court opens police porn case to public

By Brent Curtis, staff reporter, Rutland (Vt.) Herald RUTLAND, Vt. – The Vermont Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the public’s right to access to the criminal and internal investigations of two Rutland police officers who viewed pornography on work computers. More than three years after the Rutland Herald’s initial request for the records was denied […]