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Indiegogo campaign underway to fund New England First Amendment Institute

Justin SilvermanBy Justin Silverman, director, New England First Amendment Coalition

BOSTON, Mass. – Crowdfunding is a creative way to connect with those who value – and who are willing to financially support – the work we do.  NEFAC has launched its first crowdfunding effort on the Indiegogo website to advance our cause of offering high quality training to New England journalists.

Until December 27, we will be accepting donations on Indiegogo to help grow our New England First Amendment Institute, an intensive training course on freedom of information laws and investigative techniques. Our goal is to raise $10,000 to help us better educate journalists throughout the region and improve the institute’s programming. With just about a month remaining in our campaign, we are nearly one-fifth of the way there.

Crowdfunding also provides unique ways to give back to our supporters. While even the smallest donations are appreciated, those who give at least $35 will receive a “perk”, ranging from a NEFAC wristband to a backstage pass at a TV station to a cocktail and dinner reception for the donor, eight of his or her friends and Sevellon Brown Award winning investigative reporter (and NEFAC board member) Michael Donoghue of the Burlington Free Press.

But as those who value investigative journalism know, the perks are simply a way for us to say “thank you.”  The real payoff for helping our campaign is the continued success of New England journalists and the opportunity to make their newsrooms stronger.