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NEFAC report bids Larry Laughlin adieu

By NEFAC Staff
CONCORD, NH – After publishing 45 consecutive monthly issues of the NEFAC Report, Larry Laughlin, who served as Northern Bureau Chief for The Associated Press through 2009, and founding Board member of NEFAC until 2012, is saying “farewell” to NEFAC and joining the ranks of the “jubilados,” Spanish for “the jubilant ones,” otherwise known as retired persons.

We will miss Larry greatly, but his passion for open government and his vision for our organization and especially for the NEFAC Report, his brainchild, will remain with us to guide us in the months and years to come. As a long time Executive Committee member, who has aided the organization since its inception in 2006, Larry’s purposefulness, sense of humor and constancy have been great assets to our organization.

Thank you, Larry!