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Help support NEFAC’s New England First Amendment Institute on #GivingTuesday

Until December 27, we will be accepting contributions through Indiegogo to help grow our New England First Amendment Institute. Our goal is to raise $10,000. This money will help us better educate journalists throughout the region and improve the institute’s programming. With just about a month remaining in our campaign, we are nearly one-fifth of the way there.

NEFAC report bids Larry Laughlin adieu

After publishing 45 consecutive monthly issues of the NEFAC Report, Larry Laughlin, who served as Northern Bureau Chief for The Associated Press through 2009, and founding Board member of NEFAC until 2012, is saying “farewell” to NEFAC and joining the ranks of the “jubilados,” Spanish for “the jubilant ones,” otherwise known as retired persons.

Barge! What barge!? Oh, that barge!

Before it was a “Google barge,” it was New London’s mystery barge. Construction on the four-story structure began in the late spring at the Admiral Harold E. Shear State Pier near downtown New London.

The diminishing public view

The new norm has become that we citizens have no reasonable expectation of privacy (witness the NSA’s amassing of warehouses of information about us) but the government that we elect and support with our tax dollars has every expectation of privacy and shutting the public out has become the new norm (see the recent report by the international group, the Committee to Protect Journalists).