Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I received the following notice from the VA: "Northeastern University reported that you were not charged tuition for the certified enrollment period; therefore, VA will not pay towards your tuition." Is something wrong?

A: Our initial certifications each semester do not include tuition/fees. This is the suggested method for ensuring the least amount of certification changes. We certify your enrollment (i.e. the number of credits you’re taking and the term start/end dates). This is what the VA uses to determine your BAH payments. We then certify your tuition/fees after the end of the add/drop period. When your tuition/fees, or any changes to your enrollment are certified, you will receive an amendment from the VA.

Q: How do I apply for the Yellow Ribbon Program?

A: All students applying for the Yellow Ribbon Program at Northeastern for the first time are asked to submit a Yellow Ribbon Application and their Certificate of Eligibility which is provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs to Andy McCarty in the Student Financial Services office. Returning students need not complete an application each year. You must provide your Certificate of Eligibility directly to Northeastern despite information on the VA website that states that it will be sent for you.

To be eligible, veterans must have served at least three years of active duty beginning on or after September 10, 2001. Only individuals entitled to the maximum benefit rate (100%), based on service requirements, may receive this funding. Veterans from any state are eligible to attend Northeastern and receive Yellow Ribbon funding.

For more information and to download an application, please visit:


Q: How do I use my veteran education benefits at Northeastern?

A: To determine eligibility for any veteran benefit, contact the Veterans Affairs Regional Office at 888.GI.BILL.1 (888.442.4551) or visit the VA website. GI Bill benefits are determined and paid solely by the Veterans Affairs Regional Office.

Once you receive a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA, please forward a copy of the document to Northeastern’s VA School Certifying Official, Andy McCarty. You must provide your Certificate of Eligibility directly to Northeastern despite information on the VA website that states that it will be sent for you. We can accept these via fax, e-mail, regular mail, or in person at:

Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave, 354 RI
Boston, MA 02115
Attn: Andy McCarty

Fax: 617-373-8735


The School Certifying Official (SCO) will verify your enrollment status based upon your course registration and submit that data to the VA through their web based certification platform, VA-ONCE. You should receive an automatic notification through your Husky e-mail account each time a certification is submitted on your behalf.


Q: Do I have to reapply for the Yellow Ribbon Program every year?

A: No, we do not require students to reapply each year. It is assumed that you’d prefer to keep receiving the benefit so long as you have remaining eligibility.


Q: Will my meal plan be covered by the GI Bill?

A: Neither the Post 9-11 GI Bill nor the Yellow Ribbon Program cover meal plans. Your Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is provided by the VA to cover your housing and food.


Q: Will the BAH funds be sent to my personal bank account?

A: Yes, the BAH payments are sent directly to your personal bank account. The VA uses the information you submitted when you applied to start using your benefits. If you have any questions about your banking information, please contact the VA directly.


Q: How does a book stipend work?

A: Eligible veterans will receive a lump sum payment directly from the VA which will accompany their living allowance for the first month of each quarter, semester or term. The payment will be $41.67 for every credit enrolled, but no more than $1,000 per calendar year. (e.g., a student enrolled in 12 units will receive $500 for that academic term).


Q: What if my book stipend doesn’t cover the cost of my books?

Northeastern is pleased to provide additional book funding for those students eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program whose books exceed $1,000.

Please keep receipts for all of the books you are required to purchase for your classes. If the cost exceeds your $1,000 Post-9/11 GI Bill book stipend, you’ll need to bring those receipts and your course syllabi to Andy McCarty at the Student Financial Services Office. The difference will be added to your financial aid award package, and the funds will disburse directly to your student account.


Q: Who should I be sending my TA Authorization form to?

A: Your TA Authorization form can be sent to Andy Mc Carty in the Student Financial Services Office. The forms will be processed by our Third Party Billing area.  


Q: Can my payment deadline be extended if my GI Bill and/or Yellow Ribbon benefits are delayed by the VA?

A: Student Financial Services staff will be happy to work with students receiving Post 9-11 benefits on a case-by-case basis to assist with the timing of payments from the VA and the impact on their student account. For students in the Yellow Ribbon Program, our billing system is coded to prevent any holds or late fees each year.  Students are still responsible to pay any non-covered charges, such as housing, by the due dates.


Q: Other than federal Stafford/Perkins loans, can Northeastern University provide any assistance (low/no-interest loans) for housing until my GI Bill housing allowance is back paid?

A: On a case-by-case basis, we are able to assist veterans in need. If a delayed BAH payment causes you a financial hardship, you can work directly with Andy McCarty to request an advance from your student account. You would be responsible for repaying the advance to your student account regardless of receiving your BAH payment from the VA.


Q: I'm a 1st year transfer but an adult student. Am I still required to live in housing on campus for the first two years? 

A: Veterans are not required to live on campus, and most choose not to. If we have enough advanced notice and there are veterans who would like to live together, that’s something we can try to accommodate. But again, it’s not required.


Q: Why did I get an amendment notice?

A: Since your enrollment and costs are certified over several transactions with the VA, each step will generate a notice. The first and second certifications set your class enrollment, including start/end dates, type of instruction (online vs. on-ground) and total credits. The third certification, which happens after the add/drop period for the term, is when your tuition/fees are entered. Each action will generate an amendment from the VA.

Other amendment reasons include: dropped classes, added classes, added/waived fees, change in credit hours, change in part-of-term enrollment, etc. 


Q:  Is it possible for me to start my program before I am officially approved and deemed eligible for the Yellow Ribbon program?

A: Once we have received your Certificate of Eligibility and your Northeastern Yellow Ribbon Application, it should take only a few days to confirm your eligibility. There should be no reason this isn’t accomplished before the start of your program. However, students who have recently completed their military service are not eligible for the Yellow Ribbon Program until the first full term after their discharge. Terminal Leave still counts as active duty.


Q: On the Yellow Ribbon Program application form I also noticed that "Northeastern will fund tuition expenses for a maximum of 252 students".  What is the likelihood of me being accepted to the program for either the fall or spring semesters?

A: There are currently no space concerns for most students applying to the Yellow Ribbon Program. Those students applying for the School of Law should be aware that space is limited. In addition, students enrolled in online master’s degrees offered by the D’Amore-McKim School of Business are not eligible. For more information, please visit:


Q: I’ve been accepted to the Program. Can I use my Post 9/11 and/or Yellow Ribbon benefits to pay for the Program?

A: No. During the fall abroad portion of your Program, you are not eligible to use your benefits. Benefits can be processed when you being classes in Boston in January.