Student Employment

Federal Work Study

Federal Work-Study is a need-based federally subsidized program that provides part-time employment for undergraduate, graduate, and law students on or near campus to help pay for incidental expenses during the year. Students must demonstrate financial need to be awarded this form of assistance. Due to limited funding, you must apply by the priority filing deadline to be considered for a Work-Study award. Notification of Federal Work-Study is indicated through your financial aid award letter.

Unlike other forms of financial aid, Federal Work-Study is not applied as a credit to student accounts. Students are paid on a weekly basis for hours worked during the prior week.

Authorization Levels

  • Students are not allowed to earn wages through the Work-Study program that exceed the amount awarded. This means that if you are awarded $1,000 in Federal Work-Study funds, $1,000 is the maximum amount which can be earned during that specific semester. 

  • Once you have earned your allotted award you must stop working immediately.

  • You are responsible for monitoring your earnings/hours worked.

Pay Rates

  • Your pay rate is based on the job you are performing. 

  • Since your Work-Study award is of a finite amount, your pay rate determines the number of hours that you are able to work. Students cannot work more than twenty hours per week during academic periods.

  • In order to determine the number of hours you may work for the semester, divide your Work-Study amount by your hourly pay rate, and then by the number of weeks in the semester or the number of weeks during the semester that you wish to work.

General Student Employment

For positions on-campus, students must apply specifically for part-time non-work-study positions through the online job search system (see below). Any student that applies for a Federal Work-Study position that was not awarded Federal Work-Study will be rejected for that position.

Online Job Search
Online Job Search can be found on myNEU, the Self-Service Tab, click on the Student Employment Link.

  • Search for part-time on and off campus jobs: use any number of criteria to find jobs; receive automated email when preferred jobs become available; review history of job positions and hiring to get a better understanding of the University’s student employment needs.

  • Apply online: Enter information and instantly submit it to prospective employers.

  • Timesheets: complete and submit weekly timesheets online

Working On Campus
Before you can be hired for any position on campus, you must make sure you have a Direct Deposit and an I-9 form on file with the Student Employment Office. All on-campus student employees and all off-campus work-study student employees are required to use Direct Deposit. 

You must complete and submit all documents in person at the Student Employment Office, 101 Curry Student Center.

When Am I Paid?

If you are a semi-monthly paid research assistant or teaching fellow, you will receive your pay on the 15th and the last day of the month, provided the department you are working for has submitted your information before the payroll deadline.

If you are an hourly paid employee, you should submit your online time sheet to your supervisor each week that you work. The deadline for timesheets to be submitted to your supervisor is Monday at 12:00 p.m. each week. Your supervisor is responsible for reviewing, approving and forwarding your timesheets by Tuesday at 12:00 p.m. Payments are issued weekly on Fridays.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Northeastern University is committed to providing equal opportunity for all students in those matters involving admission, registration, and official relationships with students. In addition to practicing policies of nondiscrimination, the University takes affirmative action in the recruitment of students. 

The Office of Institutional Diversity & Equity is located at 125 Richards Hall. They can be reached at 617.373.2133.

Student Employment Office Contact Information

Student Employment Office

101 Curry Student Center

Northeastern University

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115-5000

Phone: 617.373.3200

Fax: 617.373.5175