State Specific Refund Policy

If a student attends a class in Maryland, Oregon or Wisconsin, the specific state refund policy will be applied in addition to the University Institutional Refund Policy. In the event that there is a conflict in the policies, the state policy will supersede the general University policy, unless the University policy is better for the student’s situation. The applicable policies for Maryland and Wisconsin are outlined below.

Maryland, Oregon and Wisconsin Refund Policy* (for Maryland, Oregon and Wisconsin residents in on-line programs/courses)

On-line students in the states of Maryland, Oregon and Wisconsin will have tuition refunded using the University Institutional Refund Policy with the following exceptions:

Students have the right to cancel enrollment until midnight of the third business day after receipt of notice of acceptance and are entitled to a full refund of any tuition and other monies paid such as deposits or application fees. Refunds for cancellation will be paid within 10 days.

If the University cancels or discontinues a course or educational program, the University will refund all monies paid for that course or program.

Students who withdraw before completing 60% of the term are entitled to partial refunds, prorated in accordance with Maryland and Wisconsin state policies. The pro-rata refund is calculated by the number of class days remaining in the term after the last day completed, divided by the total number of class-days, rounded down to the nearest 10%. The pro rata refund percentage will be applied to tuition and other required costs paid by the student for the term. Application fees and enrollment fees are non-refundable.

All efforts will be made to refund “prepaid” expenses, books, supplies and other charges billed in advance directly to a student’s account; unless the student has consumed or used those items and they can no longer be used or returned.

The school will issue refunds within 40 days of the effective date of termination. A written notice of withdrawal is not required. The student is considered withdrawn from the school if the student fails to attend classes, utilize instructional facilities, or submit lessons, without providing an explanation to the school regarding the inactivity for 15 days.

No refund is required for any student who withdraws or is dismissed after completing 60% of the potential units of instruction in the current enrollment period unless a student withdraws due to mitigating circumstances, which are those that directly prohibit pursuit of a program and which are beyond the student’s control.

Below is the direct excerpt from Maryland regulations:


*The federal guidelines for returning federal Title IV funds will remain intact with NO exceptions.