Graduate Resources

Teaching/Research Assistantships, Stipended Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Assistantships

These positions and awards are offered directly by the individual graduate schools or academic departments. Students seeking such assistance should contact their graduate school for an application and eligibility criteria. Any tuition remission, stipend award and/or housing compensation will be incorporated into the student’s financial aid package as a resource. Students who receive these forms of assistance may have reduced eligibility for need-based aid. More specific information about each type of position is listed below:

  • Graduate School Scholarships (GSS) are non-taxable scholarships provided by academic departments to cover up to 9 credit hours per semester. Applications can be made to the department.

  • Northeastern University Graduate Assistantships (GA) offer a taxable stipend in return for service, plus a non-taxable partial or full tuition scholarship. Graduate assistantships include teaching and research appointments, each requiring a time commitment to provide various types of assistance to an assigned department or project each week.

Graduate Assistantship Recipients

Unlike most financial aid awards that are offered for the entire academic year, these assistantships are only awarded one semester at a time. Receipt during a particular semester does not guarantee an award for the same amount during subsequent terms. The scholarship portion of these awards will not actually post to your account until later classes begin, so your initial billing statement will not reflect this award. This stipend is subject to federal and state taxes and will be paid on bi-weekly basis. Please visit our Student Employment page for more information regarding stipends and other employment-related matters.

Additional Graduate Scholarship Resources

  • Double Husky Scholarship
    Northeastern bachelor’s degree recipients are eligible to receive up to a 25% Tuition Scholarship to attend most Master's Level Graduate programs or CPS Certificate or Master's programs on a full-time basis for enrollment beginning with Summer 2009.  Visit for full eligibility information on this program. 
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Graduate Fellowship
    The MLK Jr. Graduate Fellowships are administered through the African-American Institute. These awards are offered annually to African-American students in full-time graduate programs as long as the student demonstrates satisfactory academic progress and financial need as determined by Student Financial Services. Applicants must complete the financial aid process, as well as an application available from the African-American Institute.
  • Graduate Dean’s Scholarship
    The Dean’s Scholarships are awarded to the incoming professional masters students based upon academic achievement. To be eligible for consideration, a student must be in the top one third of their program’s incoming class. No separate application is required beyond the admissions application materials. Students selected for the Dean’s Scholarship will be notified by their academic department or Dean's Office. Students who receive these forms of assistance may have reduced eligibility for need-based aid.

Finding Outside Scholarships

Your local library
A trip to your local library will find many scholarship books available that contain the addresses of scholarship programs. It requires some work on your part (applications, essays, etc.), but a few hours of your time could yield valuable information and lead to additional funding for your education. Locally, The ASA College Planning Center, located in the basement of the Boston Public Library in Copley Square, has numerous resources available to help you find outside aid, including a computerized database of scholarships.

Scholarship Search Databases

U.S. Department of Labor Career One Stop Scholarship Search

Peterson’s Scholarship Search

CollegeNET Scholarship Search

College Scholarship Search

Don’t get scammed
Remember that all scholarship information is available to you free of charge! Be extremely wary of any organization or company that asks you for a “finder’s fee” or “guarantees” that they can find you aid. Any reputable scholarship organization will not charge you a penny for this information.

The above list is provided to you as a reference tool. It should not be construed as an endorsement by Northeastern University of any of the organizations listed.