We understand that each student’s and family’s financial situation is unique and offer a number of options to assist you in financing your education. These resources, which include a payment plan and supplemental financing, can be combined or used in addition to any current family income and savings.
The best way to limit debt is to consider the interest-free monthly payment plan. If this plan is not a viable option, you may consider financing the difference through the Federal Direct PLUS Loan or private loans. We strongly encourage you to consider all the ways to pay for an education to determine which best meets your needs.
Direct costs, which may include tuition, fees, room and board, will vary depending upon your student type and program. Room and board costs will also vary depending upon your assigned residence hall, room occupancy and meal plan selected. To arrive at the portion of direct costs you must meet, subtract the amount(s) of any grants or loans offered from your billed expenses. Please remember that Federal Work Study is not subtracted from direct costs.
If you have questions regarding the options outlined below or would like assistance in planning for the semester or even academic year, please do not hesitate to contact your financial aid counselor

Payment Plan
Federal Direct PLUS Loan
Supplemental Loans