Fellowships open up new worlds for successful applicants. Many of these awards will give you the opportunity to apply your talents at research centers, archives, universities, and non-profit organizations across the globe.  You will refine your skills as you work to address issues of regional, national, and international importance. Your participation will also have a profoundly transformative effect on you. Many recipients describe a new sense of confidence and maturity they feel due to their experiences.

Receiving a fellowship has distinct professional benefits as well. As a recipient of an award, you will have access to alumni networks that can become a valuable resource in your professional life. Many employers and universities are eager to integrate a recipient's skills, experiences, and perspectives into their institution.

Furthermore, the application process provides you valuable experience in self-advising, assessing your own strengths, and presenting yourself and your ideas to others. There are many advantages to applying for competitive fellowships and we encourage you to explore the opportunities posted on this website!