Amal Ahmed
Associate Professor
Scholarship focus: Programming languages
PhD: Princeton University

Magy Seif El-Nasr
Associate Professor of Computer and Information Science & Art + Design
Scholarship focus: Game designs for health, education and entertainment; computational tools and methods for adaptive games based on psychological theories
PhD: Northwestern University

Matthew Goodwin
Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science & Health Sciences
Scholarship focus: Autism and communication technologies
PhD: University of Rhode Island

Wil Robertson
Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering & Computer and Information Science
Scholarship focus: Information systems security
PhD: University of California, Santa Barbara

Amy Sliva
Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Science & Political Science
Scholarship focus: Cultural and behavioral modeling of terrorism
PhD: University of Maryland

Alessandro Vespignani
Professor of Physics, Computer and Information Science, & Health Sciences
Scholarship focus: Network science and epidemiology
PhD: University of Rome, La Sapienza

Thomas Wahl
Assistant Professor
Scholarship focus: Formal languages
PhD: University of Texas, Austin