• Disease Resistance in Corals

    Researcher finds first ever evidence of natural disease resistance in corals

    Assistant Professor of Biology, Steve Vollmer, discusses his research on the spread of White Band Disease throughout coral reefs as well as his findings on its prevention.

  • Bubbling with innovation

    Bubbling with innovation

    Two Northeastern engineering professors have been awarded a $1.2 million research grant to advance their work in developing a cost-effective method to prevent ground failure during earthquakes, a major cause of destruction to buildings constructed on water-saturated sandy soils.

  • Developing bacterial robots for hazardous duty

    Developing bacterial robots for hazardous duty

    Northeastern University biology professor Joseph Ayers is part of a team of scientists who have received a three-year, $600,000 grant from the Office of Naval Research to create a fleet of micro-robots designed to locate explosive compounds from hundreds of thousands of live mines that have been hidden underwater since World War I.