The Following are resources showing contract, insurance, and other requirements for doing business with Northeastern University’s Facilities and Campus Planning & Design divisions.



Northeastern University values diversity, and is committed to building relationships and providing opportunities to local, minority, small, women, veteran, and disabled owned businesses. The goal of this program is providing opportunities to suppliers that are as diverse as we are.

++++2016 Northeastern University IMP Community Benefits Annual Report
++++Summary of Northeastern University’s work and actions in:
++++++++• Community engagement & investment
++++++++• Lifelong learning opportunities
++++++++• Workforce development and career advancement
++++++++• Business development & procurement
++++++++• Construction
++++++++• Additional public resources

++++Impact Lending
++++Impact Lending provides loans of $1,000 to $1 million to vendors and small businesses in Boston and surrounding neighborhoods.
++++The program has flexible rates and terms to meet the needs of small businesses that might not otherwise qualify for traditional bank financing.


++++Northeastern University Insurance Requirements
++++Northeastern University requires insurance for outside contractors and consultants.


++++Architectural & Engineering
++++For all A/E services from Assessments, and Conceptual Design through Construction Administration.

++++General Construction
++++For lump sum general construction projects under $3 million.

++++Construction Manager
++++CM at Risk Projects with a Guaranteed Maximum Price

++++Professional Services
++++Non-design professional services such as materials testing, owner’s project representation, and commissioning.

++++OGC for PSA/SPA
++++Facilities uses other Northeastern University campus-wide agreements.


++++Contractor/Vendor Background Check Certification
++++Acknowledgement of the obligation as a contractor/vendor of Northeastern University to conduct criminal background checks as outlined in the Policy.
++++Policy on Background Checks
++++Northeastern’s full Policy on background checks for contractors and vendors.


The University may subsequently send requests for proposals on specific projects to firms the University determines in its sole discretion to be qualified, however the RFQ process is for qualifications review only and no guarantee that the University will request your firm’s services.
++++Request for Qualifications – General Contractors
++++If you are interested in submitting qualifications, for general construction please respond in accordance with the following instructions in this RFQ.
++++Request for Qualifications – Trade Contractors
++++If you are a local trade contracting firm and are interested in submitting qualifications, please respond in accordance with the following instructions in this RFQ.



You can contact the Procurement Department at