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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Sixty-one percent of incoming freshman students pick the school they choose to attend based on appearance, according to the findings of the late Carnegie Foundation researcher Ernie Boyer. This statement has become anecdotal for many campus planners. First impressions play a part in many students’ decision-making process, giving campus landscape a substantial role in the enrollment success of schools across the country. (Landscape Architecture, 05/2001)

Our goal is to provide a landscape environment that is attractive to prospective students as well aesthetically pleasing for the University community. Thoughtful designs, coupled with proper landscape techniques, ensure cost-effective landscape maintenance of the 67 acres of land and trees that comprise the Boston campus.

Over the years, the Landscape Services Department, which is responsible for the maintenance, along with landscape architects and site planners, has progressively transformed the once mostly asphalt "parking-lot" appearance of the campus to a softer, more colorful community.

To add more interest or curb appeal to the campus landscape, winding walkways, sculptures and water features have been added. Small parks and walled seating areas have also been installed for the University community to live and learn. The Landscape Services department attempts to add seasonal interest and color by adding festive flowers and displays to our gardens.

Northeastern has received the following awards and citations:

• American School and University, Citation for Outstanding Design: Landscape Architecture of West Village
Buildings G & H

• Massachusetts Horticultural Society Gold Medal for Public Beautification & Environmental Advocacy

• American School and University, Citation for Outstanding Project: Landscape Architecture of Behrakis Health
Sciences Center & West Village Residence Hall/Garage/Plaza

• Grounds Maintenance, Citation for Landscape Architecture

• American Society of Landscape Architects, "First Impressions Award" for Landscape Architecture

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