Whom do I call when there is a maintenance emergency?
The Facilities Customer Service Center (i.e.,  Work Control) is the central base for response to all maintenance emergencies connected with Northeastern University campuses. The telephone number to the Service Center is (617) 373-2754. The office is staffed 24/7.

Who cleans my building?
Because of the large number of buildings within the Northeastern University campuses and the desire to establish a high-quality learning, living and working environment for the students, faculty and staff, our Building Services department provides cleaning services in these buildings with a host of qualified custodians attending to specified buildings. Please submit your cleaning needs via the Work Request Online form. If you require night cleaning, you may need to provide keys to your space. These may be dropped off to and then, later picked up at the Facilities Customer Service Center.

Who replaces burned out lights?
It is the responsibility of the Building Services custodial personnel to replace burned out lights with warranted assistance from Plant Maintenance electricians. Please submit your request via the Work Request Online form.

Who maintains the temperature in my building?
The maintenance of comfortable temperatures in the various buildings are managed by two Plant Maintenance departments: Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Mechanical. With assistance from the Energy Management Systems (EMS) department, from a computer-based effort, the HVAC department regulates the temperatures during the summer, while the Mechanical department oversees the temperature during the winter.
Please submit your HVAC needs via the Work Request Online form.

Whom do I call for moving and trucking?
The Transportation and Receiving department is responsible for moving of furniture as well as scheduling the use of university vehicles for university projects and events. Please submit your transportation needs via the Work Request Online form.

Whom do I call about snow removal?
The Building Services department oversees the operation of snow removal, utilizing a host of grounds crews along with contracted companies to assure the timely, efficient and safe removal of snow. Please submit your non-emergency snow removal needs via the Work Request Online form.

Whom do I call about pest control?
The university has obtained the continued service of a qualified company that remains on call for any pest problems that may arise. The Buildings Services department oversees this operation. Please submit your pest control needs via the Work Request Online form.

Who is responsible for the locks on campus and how do I obtain a key?
The Plant Maintenance department oversees the repair of locks and the issuance of keys to all personnel on the NU campus by our university locksmiths. Please submit a Work Request Online to request a key.

Whom do I call for all other questions?
Please call the Facilities Customer Service Center with any of your questions: (617) 373-2754.