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The Transportation, Warehousing and Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for servicing the university’s requirements for warehousing, central receiving, transporting university staff/athletic teams and completing various office and other related moves of furnishings and equipment. The manager of the Transportation, Warehousing and Fleet Maintenance Department is responsible for the overall operation of the above requirements and the university’s warehouse, which is located at 1 Marbury Terrace. The building is utilized to warehouse all university equipment, catalogs, as well as all other goods that cannot be stored on campus. The warehouse also provides a separate space for the Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Vendor Deliveries

The department completes deliveries from the warehouse to the on-campus location. A vendor delivery is considered to be the delivery of a product or piece of equipment that is delivered to the warehouse and then transported to the campus location by the Transportation staff. An example of this type of delivery would be when a piece of equipment is shipped to 1 Marbury Terrace, but the ordering department is in Richards Hall. Transportation completes the delivery process.

Warehouse Deliveries

The department completes deliveries to on-campus locations. These are deliveries where a product has been at the warehouse for a period of time and is then moved to the on campus location as required by the university departments. An example of this type of delivery would be the delivery of paper goods that are stored at the warehouse by the Building Services Department.

Internal Deliveries

The department completes internal deliveries from one campus location to another campus location. This type of delivery could involve the moving of furniture form one office area to another, or moving furniture to provide space for various contractors to do work such as carpet replacement or office, classroom, and laboratory renovations.

Warehouse Receipts

The warehouse receives deliveries from various vendors throughout the course of the year. These deliveries are stored at the 1 Marbury Terrace location and are either delivered to the ordering department or stored. The department is responsible for receiving and documenting the receipt of all products as they are delivered to the warehouse.

Transportation Services


Bus Leasing

The Transportation, Warehousing and Fleet Maintenance Department also leases bus service for various departments. University departments can schedule these buses through the Transportation Department. Most of this type of bus service is provided for university athletic teams. These departments ace charged for the bus service provided. If a Northeastern bus is not available to handle a university requirement, the Transportation Department will contract these services through an external bus company to provide the service to the university department.

Moving Services

The department is also responsible for working with outside moving companies who are contracted to provide additional moving services. This type of contracting occurs when the moving services required are beyond the capacity of the Transportation Department’s forces.

The manager of the department also acts as a consultant when the university is developing complex projects, including departmental moves. An example of this would be all the work required for the development as well as the coordination of the project.

The department is also involved in the transportation and setup of many items used at the university’s commencement exercises. These are very important tasks, where attention to detail is paramount.

Auto Shop

The Auto Shop performs maintenance on all university vehicles. Police cruisers, trade vans, buses used to transport students, lawn mowers and snow removal equipment all are serviced at the shop on a regular basis. In addition, the shop maintains all emergency generators on campus.
The Auto Shop provides emergency services as required. Whether vehicles are scheduled for routine maintenance or are in need of emergency service, the Auto Shop responds quickly and efficiently.

Policy on Use of Vehicles for University Purposes The university recognizes that the use of motor vehicles is necessary to the functioning of business, athletic, and other programs. , This policy is intended to promote safe operation of vehicles in connection with university activities and operations, and appropriate care of university property.