To contact a member of the Facilities staff, please call the Facilities Customer Service Center.
Telephone: (617) 373-2754


The Northeastern University Recycling Program has grown immensely since its inception in 1989. The addition of new academic and residential buildings has introduced more solid waste and recyclable material into the waste stream. Please see our Sustainability page for more information.

The Recycling Department operates with five full time employees and several student workers. The department is responsible for the yearly disposal of recyclable materials generated from all of the university’s campuses. Last year, the university recycled 375.5 tons of paper, 225 tons of corrugated cardboard, 105 tons of bottles and cans, 65 tons of computers and electronic material, as well as light bulbs, ballasts, batteries, toner cartridges, metal, food waste, cooking oil and a host of assorted building debris. Bottles and Cans tonnage alone has grown 500% in the last fiveyears. Currently, Northeastern recycles at close to 30%. This says a great deal about the efficiency of the program.

We work closely with other facility departments to ensure proper disposal procedures and we work with other university departments to properly comply with all governmental regulations. The program has strong relations with student groups in an attempt to keep all of our community involved.

The combined efforts of students, faculty and staff have produced a program which is the model for many other universities and institutions. Our program continues to expand thanks to everyone’s efforts.

Northeastern University Recycling has three objectives:
1. Preserve the environment
2. Reduce the cost of waste disposal.
3. Keep the design of the program simple and convenient to maintain university wide commitment.

Disposing of your Computer

The ONLY way to have your computer removed is by filing an asset disposition form with the Accounting Office. This form has been thoroughly discussed by the University Council’s Office in its newsletter. Recycling cannot touch your equipment without this completed form. Once you have faxed this form to Accounting, they will remove your responsibility for the equipment.
They will then fax the completed form to us.
On the average, we will pick up that equipment within ten business days of receiving the asset form. You MAY NOT dispose of any electronic equipment yourself or throw equipment into the corridor.
For information or assistance, simply call extension 5711.

What happens to my old computer?

When our recycling crew picks up your computer, printer or other electronic equipment, it is taken to our warehouse in Jamaica Plain and sorted. It is then picked up (along with several tons of others) by our recycler. At the recycler, valuable pieces are disassembled and salvaged and then it is sent to the shredder line. Power cords are removed, glass is crushed in an air sealed chamber, and the remains shredded. The shredded plastic is baled into 700 lb. units and sold to make plastic lumber, drainage culverts and rigid outdoor plastic furniture. The glass is shipped to St. Louis and used as a fluxing agent in the smelting of lead. Any metals are separated and sold as scrap.
Recycling computers is one of our biggest challenges. They are heavy and bulky and very labor intensive. At any given time we can have hundreds of electronic pieces to collect. Please remember that recycling your old computer is not only good for your environment — IT’S THE LAW!

Filing the proper paperwork, the asset disposition form, with the Accounting Office is your responsibility and the first step in the process. It’s also up to you to ensure that the data has been removed.

If you do your part, we’ll gladly do ours. Recycling is a partnership and as you can see, your old computer never really disappears. You may be sitting on it next to the pool this summer!