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Please view the presentation by Chuck Doughty which shows how the Landscape Services team goes about Creating a Positive Arrival Experience. It will walk you through the campus and through time!


About Landscape Services

Northeastern University’s Landscape Services department has transformed the campus into a verdant and dynamic urban campus. The gradual transformation of the campus began with the redesign of the Krentzman Quadrangle, which once contained an acre of bituminous paving surrounded by three academic buildings and a busy, congested urban artery. Step by step, Northeastern University worked to enhance the 73-acre campus through a series of highly successful design upgrades. More than one hundred improvements to quadrangles, outdoor spaces, peripheral areas, and gateways have reshaped and unified the campus.

Northeastern University’s Landscape Services  department has worked diligently for two decades, gradually replacing bituminous paving with green open space. To achieve this goal, the University built several garages to replace large parking lots within the campus. The Behrakis Health Sciences Center advances the concept of a campus landscape one step further through a unique rooftop design above a new parking garage. The new landscape is both a work of art when viewed from above and a soothing green space for everyday use.


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