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Thank you for your interest in the Green Office Challenge Program developed by Northeastern’s Facilities Division
and the Campus Planning & Development Division!


What is Green Office?

This program is a “green” initiative aimed at increasing awareness of the University’s Sustainability pledge to reduce our carbon footprint by 80 percent before 2050. By highlighting environmentally conscious steps individuals can take in the workplace and through small, simple changes such as recycling and turning off the lights, each member of our community can contribute to a more sustainable University.


What do you mean, ‘Challenge’?

By joining the Green Office Challenge, this means your office and work habits have been assessed for their level of environmental sustainability. By achieving one of our three levels of certification, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, your office becomes recognized as an environmentally sustainable workplace. Being conscious and making even more changes to your routine can result in higher certification the following year.


Am I eligible?

For this program, we utilize a flexible definition of “office”, meaning certification can be applied to an individual’s cubicle, workstation, office, or productive workspace. Any Northeastern staff or employee with a designated workspace is welcome to become certified.


How do I join the challenge?

The certification process begins with a short questionnaire that addresses daily behaviors in the workplace such as energy use, waste minimization, and recycling. To access the questionnaire:
Log in to myNEU account.MyNortheastern
2) Select the “Services & Links” tab
3) Type “Green Office” into the search bar
4) Fill out questionnaire
5) Sign up for a walkthrough

+++• Log in to myNEU account.MyNortheastern
+++• Select the “Services & Links” tab
+++• Type “Green Office” into the search bar
+++• Fill out questionnaire
+++• Sign up for a walkthrough

It should take less than five minutes to complete.
Following completion of the questionnaire, a Green Office Team Representative will contact you to schedule a walkthrough of your responses and workspace. The purpose of this walkthrough is to evaluate your responses and to provide a resource for any questions you may have regarding sustainability on campus.
Upon completion, you will be awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold certification. The level you receive will reflect the extent of the sustainable habits you practice and maintain in the workplace. Certification must be renewed after one year, giving you an opportunity to adopt additional habits that could raise your level of sustainability and certification.



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“Green. Green. Green. Northeastern is black, red, and green.”

– President Joseph E. Aoun 2014 Twitter


Infographics Green





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