To contact a member of the Facilities staff, please call the Facilities Customer Service Center.
Telephone: (617) 373-2754

Fiscal and Management Services encompasses all fiscal and administrative matters in the Facilities Division, including the development, analysis and control of operating and plant fund budgets so as to remain within approved spending guidelines and projections. Contract Administration staff support Project Managers in project delivery, i.e., successful implementation of capital projects by assisting throughout the designer selection, contract negotiation, award and all professional services phases of the agreement to ensure project goals are fulfilled. Contracts Administration also assists in the award and execution of construction contracts and other related support.  In addition, project control functions are also performed.


Fiscal and Management Services is also responsible for all personnel matters including hiring, performance appraisals, payroll, supervision of part-time staff and staff development through goal setting and training so as to maintain high levels of performance in providing assistance to the Facilities Division and the University community.


Fiscal and Management Services staff also provides Information Technology support to the Facilities Division in coordination with University ITS Staff.