Cooperative Education

Co-op (short for "cooperative education") makes a Northeastern education richer and more meaningful, providing students with experiences at home and abroad that help them develop the knowledge, awareness, perspective, and confidence to transform their lives.

The world's most innovative co-op program—now more than 100 years old—prepares students for the global challenges of the next century. Depending on the options students choose, students graduate in four years or five years and can gain from 12 to 18 months of real-world professional experience related to their major or career interest with any of more than 2,500 employers across the United States and in 80 countries around the world.

These connections make co-op at Northeastern an avenue to intellectual and personal growth: adding depth to classroom studies, providing exposure to career paths and opportunities, and inspiring students to delve deeper, sharpen their focus, and pursue greater academic challenges.


Hands-on health care

Third-year biology student Pritika Patel, who plans to become a doctor, helped care for low-income patients at a clinic in Masipumelele, a township in Cape Town. Read the article >>

Design challenge

On co-op at a global engineering firm, mechanical engineering junior Brian Racca got hands-on experience designing a small, critical component of a nuclear reactor valve. Read the article >>