NEXPO: Northeastern’s Entrepreneurship Expo

Come and experience what’s next.

What is NEXPO?

NEXPO is Northeastern’s premier entrepreneurship exposition. The culmination of Global Entrepreneurship Week, NEXPO will feature IDEA startups and the resources all around campus that support them. The event will celebrate the breadth of entrepreneurship throughout Northeastern’s campus and showcase all it has to offer.

What’s new about NEXPO this year?

This year, you get to experience the process of an IDEA venture. Participate in a customer validation interview. Experience a product demo. Give feedback on an investor pitch. Meet service providers, mentors, and partners from on-organizations like Scout, Husky Startup Challenge, and Entrepreneurs Club.

Who should attend? 

Anyone who is interested in hearing about what’s coming next from the Northeastern entrepreneurship ecosystem. Whether you’re a student curious about starting your own company or an industry professional looking to share your experiences, NEXPO provides the perfect platform to connect with entrepreneurship at Northeastern.

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Thursday, 11.17.2016

6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Cabot Cage