The McLeod Suites in the Curry Student Center

The McLeod Suites consist of 3 adjoining general-purpose meeting rooms in the Curry Student Center. Recently renovated, these beautiful rooms feature state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities, two retractable room partitions, and an open layout capable of accommodating a variety of events, including lectures, group meetings, film screenings, dinners, and mixers.

The McLeod Suites have the following room numbers in the Curry Student Center: Suite A is 318, Suite B is 320 and Suite C is 322. The retractable room partitions allow adjacent suites (B&C or A&B) to be combined with or separated from each other. Similarly, all three suites can be combined into a single, large space by retracting both partitions.

Policy and procedure packet for the CSC McLeod Suites

Events in the Curry Student Center (CSC) can be scheduled through the Center for Student Involvement Scheduling Desk located on the fourth floor of the CSC, room 434.

For more info, please call 617-373-2632 or click on the following link: