The Risk Services department has specific insurance requirements for events, event venues, and event vendors, suppliers and contractors:

Important insurance-related items to consider:

  • All events sponsored by Northeastern University, on or off campus must be properly insured.

  • The Risk Services department sets the specific insurance coverage needed.

  • If a University department plans to hold an event on or off campus which involves external vendors, the University may seek insurance coverage in the form of an insurance certificate. An outside venue may also seek insurance coverage by Northeastern.

  • When planning an event at an offsite location, policy requires insurance coverage for Northeastern by the outside entity. You must obtain proof of coverage from the venue before submitting a contract to the Office of University Counsel.

The insurance requirements generally are:

  • Comprehensive general liability insurance in the amounts of $2,000,000 per occurrence/$4,000,000 aggregate.
  • Evidence of workers compensation insurance.

*Insurance requirements for University events, including but not limited to outside groups using University facilities should be addressed with the Risk Services department, ext. 5997, well in advance of any planned activities.

*Note: These policies and procedural summaries do not reflect policies concerning student events. For information concerning student event policies, please contact the Office of Campus Activities, ext. 2642.