Alcohol Serving Policies and Procedures

Alcohol is permitted at University events and in connection with business meals, provided it is served legally and is incidental to the activity. Alcohol at University events may only be served by Chartwells TIPS-certified bartenders. The Office of Risk Management must be notified in advance by the host department.

Specific conditions apply concerning locations on campus where alcohol may be served. Alcohol may only be served on campus in locations that are deemed to have controllable access. No one under 21 years of age may attend an event at which alcohol is served. If any guests under 21 are in attendance, alcohol is prohibited from being served.

Generally, alcohol may not be served at an event in the Curry Student Center unless approved by the Student Center Director of Operations and the Director of Food Service. In the student center, event guest identification is required to confirm that guests are over the age of 21, and event access controls are needed so that alcoholic beverages are not carried beyond the confines of the event location. Identification plans and access control plans must be in place and approved in advance.

The University may, at its discretion, require that a paid public safety detail be hired by the department at the department's expense to control access in and out of an event at which alcohol is served.

Additional access controls that may be required include ticketed admission, and presentation of a government-issued photo ID to event staff and bar servers, if requested.

On a case by case basis, if Chartwells is serving alcohol at your event, you may be required to arrange and pay for costs associated with Northeastern police detail at the event. NU Public Safety will determine if a mandatory paid detail is required.

Events held off campus that involve the serving of alcohol shall be required to adhere to the University Policy on such events. Insurance certification from outside venues serving alcohol must specifically include liquor liability coverage.

For more information or any questions about the University's Alcohol policies, contact the Office of Risk Management at 617.373.5997.