Event Management Tools

Listed below is selection of documents that University Events staff members use on a daily basis to stay organized, and keep in communication with colleagues about events in progress.  We invite you to utilize these handy tools and incorporate them into your next successful event.

Budget Tracking Spreadsheet (Excel doc) A must for tracking all event-related expenses.

Request for Proposal (RFP) (Word doc) Use this form if you need to get multiple bids for off-campus conference and event space and/or sleeping rooms.

Catering Request for Proposal (RFP) (Word doc) Use this form if you need to see multiple bids for off-campus caterers.

Sample Event Survey(Word doc) Use this to either hand out or e-mail to your attendees after the event to get important feedback.

Planning Timetable(Word doc) Gives you guidelines for when to begin the multiple steps to planning an event.

Event Planning Checklist (PDF) A valuble checklist to ensure that no detail is forgotten.

Invitation Guidelines (Word doc) A basic guide to correctly wording a formal invitation.

Sample Briefing Memorandum (Word doc) When the President is attending your event, you must send this document to the Office of the President, five business days prior to the event.

Forms of Address (Word doc) How to properly address people with specific titles in print pieces.

US Postal Service Customer Guide (PDF) A great resource for sending print materials through the US Mail.

Professional Standards and Business Conduct (PDF) Northeastern's policies on the personal and professional conduct of its employees.