Faculty Research

Ethics institute faculty conduct research on a diverse range of social and environmental issues, including human rights, global justice, health care, war and terrorism, patriotism, emerging technologies, environmental justice, climate change, capital punishment, economic justice, and philanthropy. Institute faculty also conduct research on ethical theory, religious ethics and descriptive ethics. Information about faculty members’ research programs and publications can be found here. For an archive of recent publications, click here.

Working Groups

The Ethics Institute supports several themed research working groups. Current research groups are focused on Environmental Ethics and Policy and on Global Justice.

Undergraduate Research

The Ethics Institute supports Northeastern University’s commitment to providing undergraduate research opportunities. Undergraduate students have worked with Institute faculty as research assistants and collaborators. In some cases, these collaborations have resulted in co-authored publications by students in professional journals. Support for undergraduate research comes from internal and external funding, work-study programs, and course-credit options. The Institute also works with co-op advisors to identify and develop ethics-oriented co-op opportunities.

Summer Research Program

The summer research fellows program brings advanced graduate students and early-career researchers to Northeastern to conduct research projects in conjunction with Northeastern Faculty. Information about Fellows and their projects can be found here.