We are excited to announce the Northeastern University Ethics Institute has been officially launched! The Institute’s mission is to bring ethical analysis and evaluation to bear on social and environmental issues, as well as to promote ethical reflection on decisions and challenges in contemporary life. It will do this by:

  • Supporting faculty and students conducting ethics-oriented research
  • Developing interdisciplinary research projects and programs on social and environmental issues
  • Providing opportunities, both in the classroom and through experiential education, for cultivating ethical awareness and developing the skills associated with ethical inquiry and analysis
  • Fostering campus-wide discourse on ethical dimensions of pressing social and environmental problems
  • Functioning as a community resource on the ethical dimensions of local, national, and global social and environmental issues

The Institute’s interdisciplinary faculty have a diverse range of areas of expertise, including human rights, global justice, health care, war and terrorism, patriotism, emerging technologies, environmental justice, climate change, capital punishment, economic justice, ethical theory, religious ethics, and descriptive ethics. The Institute and its faculty embody Northeastern University’s commitment to engaged and impactful research, education and public scholarship.

For more information about the Institute and its programs, please visit us online at __________ or contact the Institute Director, Ronald Sandler, at r.sandler@neu.edu.