Ethics Minor

Northeastern University offers a minor in Ethics that is open to all majors. The minor includes courses in ethical theory ( e.g. Moral Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, and Philosophical Problems of Law and Justice), applied ethics (e.g. Ethics of War and Peace, Environmental Ethics, Business Ethics, Moral and Social Problems in Health Care, and Technology and Human Values), and religious ethics (e.g. Ethics East and West and Ethics in the World’s Religions). It emphasizes developing critical analytical and evaluative skills. For more information about the minor requirements, please visit the university registrar: PDF

Philosophy Major, Concentration in Law and Ethics

The Philosophy and Religion department offers a degree in Philosophy with a concentration in law and ethics. The degree combines the standard philosophy major with elective course work in the areas of law, social and political philosophy and applied ethics. For more information about the major, please visit the university registrar: PDF