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WiP Abstract: System-Level Integration of Mobile Multi-Modal Multi-Sensor Systems

Heterogeneous roaming sensor systems have gained significant importance in many domains of civil infrastructure performance inspection as they accelerate data collection and analysis. However, designing such systems is challenging due to the immense complexity in the heterogeneity and processing demands of the involved sensors. Unifying frameworks are needed to simplify development, deployment and operation of roaming sensors and computing units. To address the sensing needs, we propose SIROM3, a Scalable Intelligent ROaming Multi-Modal Multi-Sensor framework. SIROM3 incorporates a CPS approach for infrastructure performance monitoring to address the following challenges: 

1. Scalability and expandability. It offers a scalable and expandable solution enabling diversity in sensing and the growth in processing platforms from sensors to control centers.
2. Fusion foundations. SIROM3 enables fusion of data collected by logically and geo-spatially distributed sensors.
3. Big data handling. Automatic collection, categorization, storage and manipulation of heterogeneous large volume of
data streams.

4. Automation. SIROM3 minimizes human interaction through full automation from data acquisition to
visualization of the fused results.

Appeared in:
International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems (ICCPS)
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