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Using Result Oriented Modeling for Fast yet Accurate TLMs

Communication modeling is a critical part during SoC design and exploration. In particular, it is needed for accurately predicting the timing behavior of the system. Fast simulation capabilities are a key in this environment,
for coping with the complex design choices during the specification process. Recently, Transaction Level Models have been proposed to speedup communication simulation at the cost of accuracy.
This paper proposes a new modeling style: Result Oriented Modeling (ROM). Using ROM yields fast executing models, that still are 100% accurate. ROM utilizes the fact, that internal state changes of the model are not observable by the caller. Hence, it omits the internal states and optimistically predicts the end result.
Retroactively, the outcome is checked and if necessary, corrective measures are taken to maintain accuracy of the model. The paper reports how Result Oriented Modeling can be applied to Transaction Level Modeling for a communication
system. It shows its application to two different bus systems: the AMBA AHB and the CAN bus. The initial results shown in this paper are very promising. Both implemented ROMs exhibit a performance in the same order of magnitude as the transaction level model, yet they retain the accuracy of the bus functional model.
This clearly indicates that the proposed Result Oriented Modeling approach is a very effective modeling style for transaction level models.

Appeared in:
TR-05-05CECS, UC Irvine

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