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An Embedded Device for Brain/Body Signal Acquisition and Processing

Brain/Body Computer Interface (BBCI) technology facilitates re- search in human cognition and assistive technologies. BBCI ac- quires and analyzes physiological signals from human body/brain such as electroencephalography (EEG) to observe human physio- logical states and potentially enable external control. BBCI de- vices require accurate data acquisition systems with sufficient dy- namic range for various brain/body signals. Also, embedded pro- cessing is desirable for real-time interaction and flexible deploy- ment. However, most off-the-shelf BBCI devices are very costly, e.g. g.USBamp at $15K and do not offer embedded processing. Hence, an open embedded device for BBCI acquisition and pro- cessing is needed to foster the BBCI research.
This paper proposes EEGu2 as a portable embedded BBCI de- vice. Based on a BeagleBone Black (BBB), EEGu2 integrates a custom-designed cape including 2 PCBs: an acquisition board for 16-channel 24-bit acquisition up to 1KHz sampling frequency and a power board for wall charging and powering mobile oper- ations. EEGu2 measurement shows a high acquisition accuracy with 25dB signal-to-noise ratio and 0.785┬ÁV peak-to-peak input referrednoise. Atmaximumperformance, thecapeconsumes101.2 mW while BBB consumes 1850 mW. With two lithium batteries, EEGu2 operates independently 12 hours.
We demonstrate the flexibility and portability of EEGu2 in the context of Human-in-the-Loop Cyber-Physical Systems (HiLCPS) thataugmentshumaninteractionwithphysicalworldthroughBBCI. The EEGu2 firmware is integrated into the HiLCPS Framework to enable the location transparent access via the MATLAB interface. EEGu2 empowers rapid embedded BBCI application deployment and we show the flexibility of EEGu2 with a BCI Speller applica- tion that acquires real-time EEG signals and infers the user spelling based on Steady State Visually Evoked Potential.

Appeared in:
International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping (RSP)
Presentation Place:
Pittsburgh, PA
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