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Congrats to Hamed and Jiaxing

Congrats to Hamed and Jiaxing for their successful proposal defenses respectively on April 25th and 29th.

Two PhD proposal defenses

We have two PhD proposal defenses ahead; Jiaxing on Fiday (April 25) and Hamed on Tuesday (April 29).

Talks at CPS Week 2014 and RISE 2014

Next week (April 12 to April 18) Professor Schirner is away for a talk in CPS week in Berlin. The group meeting will be led by Jiaxing to discuss one recently accepted paper in Date 14 about DSE.

This week (April 10th) Shen and Hao will demonstrate their posters in RISE 2104. "Domain-Specific Synthesis of Brain-Computer Interfacing Applications to a Mobile Embedded Platform" by Shen and "HW/SW Co-Design with Simulink" by Hao.

Paper at DATE 2014

Jiaxing and Prof. Schirner attend DATE 2014 to present the Algo2Spec project and in particular the computation demand guided specification synthesis. It shows an interesting tradeoff between granularity (or mapping flexibility) and the efficiency of the resulting specification. Read more about this at the presented paper [1]. Congrats to Jiaxing for his paper.

Monday, March 17 2014

Jiaxing will talk about his participation at the NSF CPS Workshop and we will celebrate the Persian new year.

Tutorial at ASPDAC 14

Prof. Schirner attends  the ASPDAC conference from Jan 19, 2014  to Jan 26, 2014. He organizes the tutorial "HIGH-LEVEL SPECIFICATIONS TO COPE WITH DESIGN COMPLEXITY". Please see the attached flier for more details.

ESL Group Featured in the ECE Annual Report 2012-2013

The ESL goup has been featured in the annual report of the ECE department with the project Human-in-the-loop Cyber-Physical System. Read more about it here. Find more ECE reports in on this page.


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