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Congrats to Kasra on his M.Sc thesis defense

Congrats to Kasra for his successful MS thesis defense on the topic of performance estimation. You can read more about this project here

Professor Schirner's talk at COMPSAC 2014

Next week, July 21st -25th, Prof. Schirner is away to attend COMPSA in Västerås, Sweden. He will present SIROM [1] which is a Scalable Intelligent ROaming Multi-Modal Multi-Sensor Framework to facilities sensor fusion, distributed computing, communication and mobile services. More about this work can be found here. 

Professor Schirner's talk at ASAP 2014

This week, Professor Schirner attends ASAP 2014 to present his recently accepted work on the Function-Level Processor (FLP) general architecture, its programming and an efficiency evaluation[1]. The relatred research project on hwich this paper is generated, can be found here.

Poster at Mathworks Research Faculty Summit

On Saturday, June 8th, Prof. Schirner presented at the Mathworks Research Faculty Summit a poster highlighting the ESL research in the area of:

  1. System-Level Design Automation
  2. Cyber-Physical Systems Design
  3. Embedded Vision

Find the poster at [1]

Journal article accepted in IEEE Embedded Systems Letter

Congrats to Hamed for his recently accepted journal in IEEE Embedded Systems Letters in which he shows an overview of the Function-Level Processor Architecture [1]

Paper accepted at ICPP 2014

Congrats to Chulian and Hamed for their accepted paper [1] in the Internatioal Conference on Parallel Processing ICPP 2014. This paper proposes general and algorithm-specific optimizations to achieve real-time background subtraction on GPGPU platform. Read more about this project here.

ESL Group at DAC 2014 with 1 paper and 2 posters

Next week, Jiaxing and Prof. Schirner attend the DAC 2014. We participate with one paper highlighting the possibilities of heterogeneous systems and their modelling using Multi2Sim [1] and with two posters and two posters.  One poster highlights Hamed's work on novel vision architectures [2], and the other Jiaxing's work on demand-driven specification generation from algorithm models  [3]

2014 Summer Picnic

On Thursday, May 15th we had about 10 hours wonderful moments full of excitement, adventure, accompaniment and happiness together; first canoeing in Ipswich River and eating lunch around, then eating dinner in state park.

Poster at FCCM 2014

Congrats to Hamed and Majid for their poster [1] in the IEEE International Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM 2014). This poster presents the realization of Mixture of Gaussian background subtraction at Full-HD resolution in the Zynq platform. It also highlights the design methodology that is used in implementation of this algorithm. Finally, the implementation choices and results are outlined in this poster. Read more about the project (here) on which this poster is proposed.

Spring Semester Successes

We are going to celebrate the ESL group successes in the Spring 2014 semester on Thursday (May 8th) at 4:30pm. Most notably, we will celebrate Hamed and Jiaxing for passing the Ph.D. comprehensive exams, as well as our all semester's achievements.


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