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Papers accepted at IESS 2015

Congrats to alumni ESL members: Ran Hao, Kasra MoazzamiMajid Sabbagh and the current members Hamed Tabkhi, Smit Patel and Nasibeh Teimouri on their accepted papers including Taming the Memory Demand Complexity of Adaptive Vision Algorithms [1], Modeling and Analysis of SLDL-captured NoC Abstractions [2] and Rapid, High-Level Performance Estimation for DSE using Calibrated Weight Tables [3] at IESS 2015.

Journal accepted at Springer Journal of Signal Processing and Systems 2015

Congrats to Hamed Tabkhi on his accepted journal [1] at the Springer journal of Signal Processing and System. This article expands the concept of Function-Level Processors (FLPs) as a novel processor class to fill the gap between ILPs and dedicated HWACCs. FLPs are comprised of configurable Function Blocks (FBs) implementing selected functions which are then interconnected via programmable point-to-point connections constructing an extensible/configurable macro data-path. The journal is related to the project "Novel Architecture for Streaming Applications". Read more about this project here.

Journal accepted at IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL) 2015

Congrats to Chulian Zhang and Hamed Tabkhi on their accepted journal [1] at the IEEE journal of Computer Architecture Letters . The aim of this article is to manage inter-warp divergence to hide the memory access latency and minimize the resource conflicts and temporal under-utilization in compute units allowing GPUs to achieve their peak throughput. The journal is related to the project "Computer Vision on GPU". Read more about this project here.

Journal accepted at Elsevier Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems 2015

Congrats to Hamed Tabkhi on his accepted journal [1]  in the Elsevier Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems . This article proposes Conceptual Abstraction Levels (CALs) which addresses early design decisions separately and iteratively at higher levels of abstraction enabling an efficient solution space exploration. The journal is related to the project "System-Level Design Principles for Market-oriented SoC". Read more about this project here.

PhD dissertation award at 2015 DAC PhD forum

Congrats to Hamed Tabkhi on his best dissertation poster presentation [1] at DAC 2015 PhD forum. The poster is  titled with "High-Performance Power-Efficient Solutions for Embedded Vision Computing" summerizing his dissertation [2] whcih is found here.

ESL members at DAC 2015

During Jun 7th - 11th, Prof. Schirner, Nasibeh Teimouri and Hamed Tabkhi attended DAC 2015 in San Francisco to present [1]  which is about scalability issue of current ACC-based CMP. 

Paper accepted at ASAP 2015

Congrats to Hamed Tabkhi, Majid Sabbagh and Professor Schirner on their accepted paper, An Efficient Architecture Solution for Low-Power Real-Time Background Subtraction [1] in ASAP2015.

PhD dissertation accepted at 2015 DAC PhD Forum

Congrats to Hamed on his accepted dissertation titled with "High-performance power-efficient solutions for embedded vision computing" at 2015 DAC PhD Forum

Paper accepted at HEART 2015

Congrats to NUCAR members Amir Momeni,Yash Ukidave and Professor Kaeli and ESL members Hamed and Professor Schirner on their accepeted paper, Exploring the Efficiency of the OpenCL Pipe Semantic on an FPGA [1] in HEART2015.

Journal accepted at Springer DAEM 2015

Congrats to Jiaxing Zhang on his accepted journal [1]  in the Springer Design Automation for Embedded Systems (DAEM) . This article proposes to join ALD and SLD to close the specification gap through a Specification Synthesis approach. We introduce Algo2Spec, which synthesizes an SLDL specification out of an algorithm model in Simulink. 

The journal is related to the project "Integrating Algorithm Development and System-level Design". Read more about this project here.


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